The Best Yerba Mate Latte

I have absolutely been LOVING my Yerba Mate Lattes! Not only do they taste delicious and are now a part of my morning routine, but the benefits of Yerba Mate go above and beyond, making my mornings amazing and upbeat!

Yerba Mate Latte

So what exactly is Yerba Mate?

According to Kalmateh, Yerba Mate is a traditional South American beverage that comes from the dried greens of the evergreen holly, “Illex Paraguariensis", and is said to offer, “the strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate.”

Yerba Mate not only is a natural source of energy with a clean, long lasting and jitter-free caffeine kick, but it also has amazing health benefits such as mental clarity and alertness, improved concentration and focus, high antioxidant and vitamin content, mood elevation, and it additionally helps with those trying to achieve weight-loss and maintenance (along with a healthy diet) since it aids in elimination and boosts metabolism.

How do you make Yerba Mate?

For centuries, Yerba Mate has been traditionally drank from a hollowed container called a “gourd,” and sipped with a metal straw called a “bombilla” that contains a filter at the bottom to strain out the yerba leaves. Near boiling water placed in a thermos gets poured into the gourd and refilled throughout the day until the yerba becomes washed out.

However, modern day drinkers (especially in the States), love their lattes, cappuccinos, cold brews, and infusions so the mate culture seems to be incorporating these ways of drinking mate in addition to the traditional gourd & thermos!

Yerba Mate Latte

Yerba Mate Latte Recipe:


  • 2-3 tbsp of Organic Yerba Mate ( My favorite brand is Kalmateh)

  • Stevia ( I personally love the French Vanilla flavored liquid drops)

  • Cinnamon

  • Nutmeg

  • Plant-based Milk of choice ( My absolute favorite for this is Oat Milk from Oatly)


  1. In your French Press, brew 2-3 tbsp of loose leaf Yerba Mate with near boiling water for 3-10 minutes, depending on how strong you like it.

  2. While you brew the mate, heat up your favorite plant-based milk in your frother.

  3. Pour the brew into a mug, add a droplet of Stevia and mix.

  4. Once the milk gets heated up and frothed, add it into the mug on top of the brewed yerba.

  5. Top it off with a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg, and enjoy!