My Experience with the "Clean Program"


Week 1:


I definitely felt A LOT of changes going through me. The hardest part for me at first was to 1) go without snacking in the afternoon, since I usually crave something by like 4 pm, and 2) not have an actual savory dinner. It was really hard for me to get used to the idea that I would be having something sweet for dinner every night, and not only that but also having it all blended up. HOWEVER, when I woke up in the morning during that first week, I felt light, I felt my belly go flat and overall I felt really good! I realized that when I ate, my stomach didn’t hurt anymore. Before, every time I would finish a meal I would end up complaining about my stomach how either I was so full, so bloated, or something just was not sitting right. But by the end of week 1, those complaints were all gone! In addition to my stomach issues being gone, my acne disappeared, this rash that I had on my body disappeared as well, and my hair started to seem shinier to the point where people were commenting about it!


I also started to sense some symptoms that are considered normal as part of the cleanse because the body goes through a shock and all of the body’s toxins that have been accumulated over the years begin to get eliminated during the first week. On a few days, I felt as if I had the symptoms that I was getting a cold such as headaches, minor sore throat, and sweats, but when I reached out to the wellness coaches that helped throughout the program they told me that this was the way my body was reacting to releasing all of those harmful toxins that had been accumulated! In other words, I was exactly where I was supposed to be, since the cleanse was actually working well!


On a side note, I thought that the most difficult part would be going through the weekend and staying social at the same time. And let me tell you, it was a breeze!!! During the day I focused on working out and sticking to my regimen, and at night I skipped the Saturday night dinner at a restaurant, drank my filling smoothie instead, and went out with all of my friends without having an alcoholic beverage at all. Yes, the peer pressure was hard, but I took a little bottle of coconut water with me and sipped on Soda with Lime throughout the night and I had a blast without falling into the typical peer pressure norms!


Week 2: 


As I went into week 2, I noticed most of my stomach issues were gone. I was no longer complaining after I ate a healthy meal, my bowel movements became more regular than they had been in years, and I had lost 3 pounds. I felt lighter, filled with more energy, and filled with more positivity than I had felt in months. Although the first week was hard for me to get into the habit of having smoothies for dinner, the second week made me look forward to see what kinds of creations I could come up with! Also, I started to train my body to eat those three square meals a day, but I would occasionally have a light and healthy snack if I really felt like I needed it.


Since during the cleanse one is not supposed to do intense body workouts, I put my weight training and spinning classes on pause and started to slow down the pace. Instead, I started involving myself in more yoga classes such as power flow and Bikram hot yoga, which helps with the detoxification process and the elimination of those toxins. I also treated myself to a spa day at the end of week 1 to reward myself, and I really was able to get in touch with myself and nourish myself as well.


At the end of week two, I noticed that my eczemas on my elbows were gone! I have had them for months and I tried to put creams on to make it go away, but nothing helped… until now! I am so happy to see how my body is reacting positively to all of this nourishment. In addition to my rashes being gone, people have started to notice all of these positive changes as well which makes me happy!


Week 3:


The pounds came off, my skin had no pimples, my hair got shinier, and the compliments started to come, which all made me feel great! However, I did end up catching a cold on that third week so I was not feeling my best. I didn’t want to pause the cleanse, so I kept it going while I was under the weather which took a little extra determination. I took some extra measures to make sure my body would get better, which all led to giving myself more love! But it was all worth it, because by my last day of the cleanse not only was I feeling better from the cold, I was also feeling great that my body felt CLEAN.


As I was reflecting on the past three weeks on that last day, I realized that besides all of the physical benefits that came along while cleansing, I also tapped into the emotional benefits of it. Through the nourishment of my mind, body and spirit during the cleanse, I realized that I had some things that I had put away for years deep within me! And by realizing these things, it made me a stronger person by coming to terms with them and making them come alive to help me move forward. So in conclusion, the cleanse was absolutely amazing in a physical sense, and in an emotional sense as well! I totally recommend this to anyone who wants to give their body and mind a rest for a few weeks, to reset themselves, and to improve their overall wellbeing!  


And in case you were wondering, here is what a typical day consisted of for me: 

ps. All of the recipes are posted on my Instagram and blog if you wanted to check them out!