Why I Start My Morning With Chlorophyll Water


Why I Drink Chlorophyll Water:

If you've been following my on my Instagram (@nutriluli) for a while, you know that I love to try out new wellness trends or the latest superfood to show you all what they are about. However, many of them don't stick with me because either it doesn't taste good, I don't feel the benefits, or I just simply forget! I definitely do not try to stick it it out if I simply don't feel like it is doing any difference for me, so don't feel like you have to try this out only because it worked for me! I will tell you all about my experience with this but keep in mind that it is my personal experience :) 

When I started to incorporate Chlorophyll Water in the mornings on an empty stomach, I really felt immediate benefits. I truly did not mind the taste at all, and I felt very energized right after! But what exactly is Chlorophyll, why did I start taking it and more importantly why did this stick to my daily morning routine? 

Let me start by taking you back to middle and high school when we learned all about Chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll is a type of plant pigment responsible for the absorption of light in the process of photosynthesis that creates energy for the plants to thrive on. Never in a million years did I think back in my AP Biology class that I would be drinking liquid chlorophyll every single morning upon waking up. NOPE. 

But when I started reading more and more about the benefits of taking Chlorophyll, I decided to give it a shot. I went to Whole Foods and got myself an alcohol free bottle of liquid chlorophyll.

The next morning upon waking up, I got a glass of water with some ice, and put two full droplets of the chlorophyll into it and added a lime as well. I personally did not taste anything at all, and I immediately felt hydrated and energized. Besides all of the benefits that I am going to discuss, getting used to drinking water when you wake up is an amazing way to hydrate your body after a night of sleep as well as jumpstarting your metabolism. In addition, I love having my morning coffee which is known to dehydrate you, so whether you try Chlorophyll Water in the morning or not I do suggest drinking some water upon waking up. 


This is the brand of Liquid Chlorophyll I buy in Whole Foods. It comes in a box but once I open it, I like to keep it in my refrigerator.

Now the part you have all been waiting for...


  1. Stimulates the Immune System

  2. Detoxifies Your Blood and Helps Bring Oxygen to Red Blood Cells

  3. Cleanses the Intestines

  4. Gets Rid of Bad Odors

  5. Energizes the Body

  6. May Help Prevent Cancer

  7. Reduces Inflammation

  8. It's Alkalizing

  9. Improves Digestion and Assists in Weight Control

  10. Packed with Nutrients and Vitamins

  11. Improves Liver Detoxification

  12. Helps Protect Your Skin


Ever since I started incorporating my morning Chlorophyll water, the benefits that I have PERSONALLY experienced are as follows: energized my body, reduced inflammation, improved digestion and metabolism, and clearer skin. For these reasons, I genuinely look forward to having my Chlorophyll drink every morning because it overall makes me feel AMAZING! I encourage you to try it out if it's something that interests you because it has done wonders for me and my body! 




Ps. Always consult your doctor before taking any new supplements, especially if you have a health condition or are taking any medications!