NYC Healthy Eats Guide

1. ABC V

Even if you're not a vegan, this place is a must! Their vegan creations are so delicious you won't even realize you are eating a plant based meal. Not to mention that you leave there feeling light and satisfied! My go to order when I am there is their Lentils, the Turmeric Caulifower, and their Dips with Crudites. Sometimes I also enjoy getting their Kombuchas and experimenting with their flavors!


2. ABC Kitchen 

Similar to ABC V, however this one serves fish, meat, and dairy. They serve you freshest and most delicious ingredients so you know you will always have a great meal. For both ABC V and ABC Kitchen, make sure you reserve ahead of time! My favorite dishes from there are their Kale Salad and their Veggie Burger that I did not manage to take a picture of. But trust me and try it out!

3. Dr. Smood

I love this spot for either an on the go meal/snack, or even to stay there and do some work while sipping on their Iced Matcha Latte with Cashew Milk. The reason I love Dr. Smood is because they are transparent as it gets with their clean ingredients, so you know exactly what you are putting into their body. Sometimes I like to stop by for lunch and get their Power Tuna Sandwich, or their Raw Kale Salad, and their juices & smoothies are also great! 


4. Cafe Clover

Fresh and Seasonal ingredients + outdoor seating- what more can you ask for! I love their salads with grilled salmon, and sometimes they have a sunchoke soup when it's in season that is to die for! 



5. Banter 

One of my favorite healthy brunch spots! Banter is a cozy Australian cafe with delicious coffees and turmeric lattes, yummy salads, toasts, eggs, and everything in between! In the weekends the wait for brunch can be long so make sure you either go with patience or go during off hours! But SO worth it!



6. Two Hands

Another Australian cafe that is one of my favorite brunch spots! I love to get Zoe's market plate, their avo toast, their sweet potato fries with a chipotle aoli, and for dessert their famous banana bread. Their turmeric latte is also one of my favorites in town!


7. 12 Chairs

Israeli/Mediterranean food that is to die for! I love getting their appetizers, their shakshuka, their salads, and when it's in season their Cholent. So so good!



8. Bar Pitti

If you want a cool, trendy spot where you will occasionally see someone famous dining, then Bar Pitti is the place! I love going there in the fall/spring because of their outdoor seating. They have awesome pastas, but what I love the most is their grilled salmon with a side of either spinach, zucchinis or mushrooms. Delicious and healthy! 



9. Juice Press

Amazing for on the go clean eating! Vegan, raw foods, delicious smoothies/juices and snacks. Their soups are also delicious, and I especially enjoy them during the winter. I recently tried the Blue Magic below and it was so tasty and filling with 20g of plant based protein! What I also like about this spot is that you can sub frozen cauliflower for bananas in your smoothies! 



10. Maman 

I recently came across this spot that my friend was telling me about. Cozy cafe vibes, laptop friendly, tasty food and great coffee! Their salads and avo toasts are great. I also heard their cookies are amazing but i have yet to try them! 



11. Pressed Juicery

You've probably seen this one ALL over my Instagram! I genuinely believe in eating a majority of clean, unprocessed foods and this "ice cream" happens to fit that category! It is made with fruits, vegetables, nuts and dates and honestly tastes like the real deal! I love putting a cacao and almond butter drizzle on top along with fresh berries & unsweetened coconut. This treat is a MUST in NYC! 


12. Mike and Daves

Owned by two awesome guys who are trying to make the wellness world better one "nice cream" at a time, this spot in West Village has become a major hot spot! Mike and Daves allows you to tune into your cravings in a healthy way, with non-dairy based soft serve made from whole frozen fruit! 



13. The Little Beet Table

Before I used to live in NY, this restaurant was my go to! They use local and fresh ingredients, and everything tastes beyond! I love to start my meal with their Cauliflower Hummus (this is a MUST it's unbelievable), and for my entree I really enjoy their Kale Salad with a side of Salmon. Now I live right next to it and I couldn't be happier! I truly recommend this place for a healthy, local, and seasonal meal! 



14. Westville

Delicious healthy eats are possible in the city thanks to Westville!  They serve the yummiest local veggies, grilled salmon, and awesome salads. This spot is one of my go to's when I'm craving a tasty, nutritious and satisfying meal. 

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